Southbridge Fitness Center Classes

1 Gallon Workout


Mon, Wed, Fri @ 10AM & 6PM

Martin “Mr. Ghana” Addo’s signature home fitness workout using 1 gallon of water created during the 2020 COVID crisis. Martin Addo and Monifa Maat hosted this workout, 1 day following the closure of their fitness center and made it complimentary for 1 year. Join this high energy workout and build cardiovascular fitness while improving your strength, building lean muscle and maximizing your calorie burn during and after the workout. Includes 1 Massage and 1 FIT 3D Measure/Assessment each month. Classes meet Mon, Wed, Fri at 10AM LIVE and 6PM on-demand (with replays at 6PM).

$59.00/Mo (Or Save With 6 & 12 Month Memberships)

TRX 20-20-20


Mon, Wed, Fri @ 9AM

If you love TRX and variety, you’ll love this fast paced, program designed to burn fat and sculpt your body. It’s 20 minutes of strength, 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes flexibility/balance. Try this mix of TRX suspension training and functional movements for the ultimate workout! Build strength, endurance, and flexibility, power and core stability. 20-20-20 aims to push your limits in this high-intensity workout. 50 min. All levels welcome.




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